After finishing 0-8 last year, the Immortals took to the field against the Kent Falcons with a hunger to win. The first half was sluggish with the offence unable to move the ball and a host of conceded penalties. A similar scene was seen across the Falcons’ offence. The Immortals were able to force two turnovers: an interception by Immortals’ rookie Aaron ‘The Geordie’ Wilson (Offensive MVP) and a forced fumble recovered by Harry ‘I don’t like being called beefy in felix’ Lawrence. A lapse in concentration from the Immortals allowed the Falcons a touchdown and two-point conversion. The score was 8-0 at half-time.

The Immortal’s offense took to the field with renewed vitality. Jason Patrick ‘Kill’em’ Kuilian (Overall MVP) led the offense to a touchdown and two-point conversion with powerful runs and accurate passes, bring the score to 8-8. The Immortals shut down the Falcons’ offense with strong tackling from William ‘Gonzo’ Ginzo (Defensive MVP) and a beautiful interception from breakout rookie Henry ‘no-fly-zone’ Alston (Rookie Defensive MVP). Unfortunately the Falcons’ defense stayed strong, and after a few drives it was the Falcons who managed to get a touchdown with a lofty throw and catch also gaining the two-point conversion. Changes to offense found Aaron Wilson playing both safety and wide receiver. The duo Jason (QB) and Aaron (WR) linked up for a long passing touchdown, and with a successful conversion the game was again tied. The Falcons’ defense held strong even against strong running from Jorge ‘HHHOOORRREEE-HHHEEEYYYY’ Ales (Rookie Offensive MVP). In the final two minutes a fumble was recovered by Imraj ‘no groin’ Singh, putting the Immortals in Falcons’ territory. Immortals were unable to convert, and the game was forced into overtime.

The Immortals started with the ball in overtime. With strong running swallowed up by the Falcons’ defense, they went to the air in an attempt to score, but to no avail. The ball was turned over to the Falcons’ offense, with their powerful running back and twin tight-end formation against the fatigued Immortals defense the touchdown was conceded. Final score 16-22.

A special mention is needed for Henry Turner (Line MVP), a player that proved dependable even when playing both ways, and out of position – a testament to the Immortal’s spirit. This may not be the desired result, but we strive ever forward. #HustleHitNeverQuit.