It has been a rough road for the IC Immortals, recently relegated from the highest tier of American Football in the country, to Division one. Immortals have now had the sweet taste of victory that had been missed so dearly.

After a close overtime defeat, Immortals were fearful of a repeat of the previous season. The idea that the lower division would be a cake-walk was shattered. The fact that the team they were playing, UEA Pirates, had just come away with a convincing victory over the RH Bears did not help to settle their nerves. UEA were predicted to win.

The game started off with Immortals kicking off, the Pirates received and were stopped almost immediately. This was a theme for the rest of the game. UEA were stopped at every attempt to move the ball with Panukorn “Nao Knee Teddy” Taleongpong and Jack “rumple-master” McCarthy stuffing up any attempt at running up the centre. When they gave up on the middle, Teddy (the Thai train), could be seen coasting across the field making big hits with Daim “question-master” Tariq blowing the Pirates offense to pieces. Jason “no fly-zone” Patrick Kuilan managed to get two picks as linebacker, statistics hail the man as a beast.

It can’t be said that the defensive side of the ball was perfect, with a lot of opportunities missed by the Pirates’ offense. It can be said that the Immortals’ offense missed out on a lot more opportunities. It was the rookie (not really rookie, just new to Immortals) offensive duo wide receiver Aaron “don’t trust with your daughter” Wilson and quarterback Jason “the human glitch” Patrick Kuilan that stole the show. A fantastic pass and insane catch between the two got the first touchdown of the day. The next came with Jason on a QB scramble running into the end zone, whilst destroying a Pirates player, with the sound of shivered timbers for miles around. In all seriousness we hope the Pirate was OK. The two point conversion was caught by Ben “Massive hands” O’Brien who really stepped up after being called out by a coach, great game for the kiddo and we look to seeing many more.

The final score was 14-0 with a complete defensive shut-down. We defend our house. Next game is versus Royal Holloway Bears.

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