It was an early rise. Apparently too early for some of our squad. We embarked on our journey to the University of East Anglia Pirates with a heavily depleted squad and a hubris that we would make them walk the plank once again.

The game started slow with the Pirates’ offense unable to move the ball, a continual theme for the first half. Many players played both ways, with ‘not so cuddly’ Teddy playing o-line as well as linebacker. The change of position can be attributed to fondness for the greasy chicken good good. With great blocking and tackling (flying across the field to rumple both the player RIP and himself) he attained overall MVP. In the second quarter the ever-beastly Jason Patrick ‘Kill’em’ made an insane read picking the Pirates for a pick six. Shortly afterwards a QB sneak got him into the end zone again bringing the score to 12-0. Jason was awarded Offensive MVP for his great plays and accurate and powerful passes.

The start of the second half saw a flatter Immortals defence take the field. Luckily great sacks by Defensive MVP Harry ‘one true greb’ Lawrence, and some questionable throws by the Pirates’ QB turned the ball over. Nerves plagued Jason’s kicking ability. A kick that barely moved across the line of scrimmage was caught by a Pirates’ player dangerously close to Immortals end zone. Great hustle from Rookie Ben O’Brien (who got the Special teams’ MVP for this play) brought the Pirate down before making it to the end zone. Immortals offense really struggled to move the ball despite great blocking from rookie Gatis ‘Fatis ;)‘ Ogle, who was awarded Line MVP. No more points were scored by Immortals for the rest of the game. Late into the fourth quarter a lapse in Immortals Defence concentration meant that a ball floated over the secondary and was caught by Pirates in Immortals end zone. Final score 12-6.

Immortals are going into the Christmas break with three wins to one (overtime) loss. We are in playoff contention, but well aware of tough games ahead. This game we went with 23 players against a team of approximately 40. We need more recruits. No matter what your size, experience etc, if you are interested be sure to get in touch. Check us out online or contact us on facebook at ImmortalsAFC

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