1. Bojack Horseman

The typically sharp and piercing animated Netflix show continues to enthrall. This year, we watched Bojack struggling to deal with a resurgence in his fame, as all his friends gradually drift away.

This season graced us with an absolutely beautiful silent underwater episode; scored only with ethereal pop music. Equally, it unflinchingly delivered perhaps the show’s most emotionally draining punches in its penultimate episode.

2. Atlanta

It really has been all-change for Donald Golver this year; whether it’s re-inventing his rapper persona Childish Gambino into a bonafide funk god, or moving away from straight comedy to drama.

Atlanta puts a lens on an American sub-culture that’s only really ever explored in stereotypes on TV. What results is a heartfelt, and fascinating series that comfortably flits between drama anbd comedy.

3. Westworld

With Game of Thrones coming to a conclusion soon, HBO wisely realised that it needed a new cash-cow behemoth to keep the money ticking over.

Enter, Westworld. A slick, excelllently performed sci-fi drama with high production values, this show looks to be doing for sci-fi what Game of Thrones did for fantasy. And to think, it’s all derived from a semi-obscure Yule Brenner movie. Westworld’s first season has kept us hooked. Here’s to many more

4. Full Frontal

When John Stewart retired last year, the collective western liberal community let out a mournful wail. Thankfully, however, he had not left us without contingencies. A host of successor shows popped up to fill the void, including the retooled Daily Show.

However, none of them quite managed to match up to the ferrocity and wit of Stewart’s original. That is, of course. until Daily Show veteran Sam Bee’s Full Frontal.

5. Fleabag

Based on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award winning 2013 Edinburgh play of the same name, Fleabag tells the story of a young woman’s attempts at getting through modern London life. It’s humour and razor sharp and pitch black, and the show manages to hook in just enough moments of genuine emotion and drama to keep you interested throughout its all too short 6 episode run.