Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a fantastic journey into fun and adventure, with writing that embraces the best elements of Marvel media as well as the original comic book roots. With well done, serialised storytelling, an excellent voice cast and superb animation, Avengers EMH is a lot of plain, awesome fun that anyone can enjoy.

This show adopts the nature of comic book stories well, having big adventures with ongoing plots and subplots to keep you going and craving the next installment. It does a fine job of retelling and adapting classic stories while being original and keeping things grounded in its own universe. This series features all the major highlights of the Marvel films plus more. It does its own spin on plots like the Winter Soldier storyline and an invasion of an alien race. Without the demands of a film calling for more grittiness or realism, this show is able to show the best of the Avengers. While sometimes serious, the show is not afraid to let the more fantastical elements of comics to appear.

The show also features a large and rotating team of Avengers. Each member of the team has their own quirks as well as their time to shine. The show makes you interested and invested in all the characters, even with the likes of Hawkeye. The characters themselves have their own developments and journeys, whether it’s Thor and his qualms with his family or the Hulk trying to gain acceptance from others.

Speaking of characters, the show features a ridiculously large number of people from the Marvel universe. Practically all the major Avengers villains are shown, each with their own motives and objectives. There is also a number of supporting characters as well as guest appearances from heroes like the Fantastic Four and even the Guardians of the Galaxy. In one episode, Spider-man forms and leads his own Avengers team into action.

The voice-acting of the show is top notch. Every character sounds original and organic, some of whom sound uncannily similar to their movie counterparts. The animation is also a treat, with a generous amount of detail as well as engaging and blockbuster-like action sequences. Occasionally the stories are simple and generic and sometimes plot threads are dropped, only to be picked up much later. In spite of this, every episode is a blast to watch.

This show only did last two seasons before it was axed making it join the ranks of awesome shows cancelled before their time. With amazing characters, and great stories, this show was a love letter to decades of comic book mythology. If you’re impatiently waiting for Marvel’s films, this is a show that’ll keep you occupied until then.

Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is available on Amazon Prime