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Out of all my friends I was set to be one of the first to lose it, and by it I mean my virginity.

I don’t really know why. I guess it’s just because I had a series of boyfriends, quite a few guy friends and used to be pretty flirty with them all. But for some reason it just didn’t happen, and now I’m sat here as a 20 year old still holding onto my “precious flower”.

One thing I have realised is that there’s a lot more of us virgins out there than most people think, whether it be due to religious, moral, or spiritual reasons or not. There’s one in my kitchen in halls, and two in my friendship group on my course.

I’ve also realised that it’s not something that is frowned upon as much now that I’m 20, compared to when I was 17. I used to lie and make excuses for why I never took the plunge, but now I accept that everything happens for a reason. I still haven’t found out what that reason is, but I think there probably will be one.

Personally I now just accept it and don’t shy away when people ask, “how many boys have you slept with?” Instead of making it a big deal, I just make a joke out of it, because now I’ve accepted it, why shouldn’t other people?

I don’t have anything against people who go out and have one night stands, and I don’t judge them for it – I just know that’s not the kind of thing I want to be doing. I don’t think I’m missing out too much; it’s not like I don’t have any experience with boys. I go out, get drunk, and kiss boys just like everyone else – I just don’t end up going home with them at the end of the night.

At the end of the day it really isn’t as big a deal as everyone makes out. Whether it happens tomorrow or when I’m married, it’ll happen when it happens and I’m fine with that.