This season the Women’s 1st Lacrosse team is sprinkled full of freshers and determined to have a year of winning and #goalsgoalsgoals. And boy did we flourish in their first match against Kent. With a gargantuan score of 24-3, we couldn’t have succeeded more in showing them who’s boss. With goals left, right and centre from seniors and freshers alike, we challenged ourselves to practise our settled play and focussed on playing smart lacrosse.

Charlotte Morphet was our top goal scorer with 9 goals, although our top assister was Arianna Guppy. 3 members of our team had a huge 100% shot success rate including final year medic Lexi Wiesentanner. We even kept our cool when the other team complained about our ‘pushing’ (we were just stronger), and for the fact that we were giving them bruises… it’s lacrosse after all. In the final quarter we decided to test ourselves even further by enforcing a no checking (tackling) rule for ourselves, which was a trial of self-control against the weaker team. MoM went to fresher Florence Wade Smith for some mega lax skills. Overall the match was worth the trek to Kent, even if we did arrive late to sports night.


To your ordinary man, it would seem like your average Wednesday but for the 1’s, it was much more. Time for pretending to lift weights at preseason was over.

We made the miserable 2 hour journey and had a rushed warm-up due to traffic. With a small squad, this was far from ideal. We found ourselves 2-1 down after the first quarter but bounced back with a strong second quarter in both attack and defence and we went into half-time 4-3 up. The curse of the third quarter loomed large as the rain started. A quick flurry of goals from Kent due to foolish penalties found us losing our lead and it was 7-7 going into the 4th. However, cometh the hour, cometh the men. A thrilling final quarter showed our true potential and we won 11-8.

Debutant Big Ben (Lakey) and Little Ben (Reed) caused Kent trouble all day with 5 and 4 goals respectively. The insatiable Georg Wachter grabbed his first goal, and Sully ‘Pingsman’ Mughal also bagged. The hero of the day was Tom ‘The Wall’ Palmer with his first match in goal, who was simply sublime.