Since there are a number of DC Comics adaptations on the horizon, it seems only fitting that an animated series be released to capitalise on its popularity. While Justice League Action is definitely entertaining, how much you personally enjoy it depends on what you’re expecting.

Justice League Action is basically what it says on the tin, action oriented adventures involving various heroes teaming up and taking on an even larger roster of villains. There is little of the deep, complex storytelling and compelling character developments known from previous DC animated properties like Young Justice or the affectionately named ‘Timmverse’ of the 90s and early 2000s. If those are the kind of things you’re looking for, you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, JLA is able to deliver on all the things it was touted on. The animation is crisp and fluid and all the action sequences are impressive. Though the art style may seem simplistic at first glance, in motion, all the characters appear fine.

That said, a lot of other adaptations have brilliant action scenes, but luckily, this show is able to provide something more in the form of humour and character dynamics. Though Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman take centre stage, they guest star with sorts of heroes from DC Comics, from the headstrong Firestorm to the foul mouthed Constantine (whose cleverly written to be kid-friendly and still as you’d expect him to be). The clash of personalities, as the heroes are thrust into all sorts of zany situations, is fun. The cast contains a mix of veteran and new voice actors, all of whom give solid performances. It is well worth hearing Kevin Conroy as Batman again after adaptations like the Arkham video games. One episode is a fun tribute to the original 90s Batman series with Conroy, featuring the same atmosphere and music. In general, all the characters come alive and feel like they have genuine distinct personalities.

This isn’t a story driven show, nor is it a fitting replacement for the previous series. At the same time, it never pretends to be anything other than what it is, a fun show for all-ages where colourful action and character banter are the name of the game.