Defeated, downtrodden, but with a fervent desire to win; that’s how we entered the season. As Drake so eloquently put it, “started from the bottom now we’re here”. After a winless season last year we have now risen to the top. A new coaching squad and great new recruits (as well as veteran players) has enabled us to maintain a flawless home record. Since we are top of our division our first playoff game was at fortress Harlington. We will ensure that no team desecrates our sacred runway. We surely won’t allow any Demons to ravage it. Last Sunday we came ready to defend our ground against the 5-3 record Exeter Demons in the Southern 1st division Quarter-final. And defend it we did.

First half saw defence dominate on both teams. A few lapses in concentration allowed the Demon’s Quarterback to escape outside picking up a few yards, also, as if recently escaped from hell, their running back barrelled his way through the Immortals Defensive line. These advances were stopped by Jason ‘The Enforcer’ Patrick Kuilan, with some savage hits, he ensured they did not want to make it to the second level again. Due to the weather conditions, both teams’ offense were very dependent on ground and pound run games. The effects of this playing style can certainly be felt the day afterwards. Lots of aches and bruises, but fortunately there are no lasting injuries. A standout player on the day, for causing much disruption in the Demon’s run game, was Kem ‘The Furious Confusion’ Smooth. He often found himself in the back field, much to his own amazement as much as anyone else’s, getting sacks. This is his second ever game playing American Football and second week playing defence. For his crazily athletic plays he was awarded ‘best rookie defensive player’ on the day. The offensive side of the ball was rather unproductive, and it seemed to take a while for them to warm up and start to record some yards.

The second half was much more eventful on offence. This was mainly attributed to Guillaume ‘postcorner’ Fontan’s very physical and aggressive running. Tumbling, crashing and pummelling through the Demon’s defence; he ensured that we got the yardage we needed. For his monumental effort on offence (and defence), regardless of the fact he was playing through bad shoulder injuries, he was awarded offensive MVP. One humble hero that made many of these plays possible, making massive holes for which G to pass through, was Zinedine Da-Sam Hill. Without his aggressive blocking, that caused many a pancake to be formed, the offense would not have been able to function. He has been the staple of the offense for many years, but recently he has made appearances on defence where he made great plays too. Although offensive and defensive line are not the most glamorous positions, they are vital to the success of a team. The overall MVP, in perhaps one of the most exciting games of Immortals history (a bold statement), was awarded to Shill. A player that has been selflessly dedicated to the team over the last few years; the award could not have been better deserved. Another humble and very important role was played by rookie John ‘Clay Matthews’ Lister, whose plays at offensive line gave him Lineman MVP. Without the offensive line stepping up the team would not have been able to win. Immortals defence were as dominant as always ensuring that no Demon could score touchdowns. Unfortunately the Demon’s defence was equally impenetrable.

Late in the fourth quarter the score was still 0-0. Immortals had been unable to drive successfully, the Demon’s offense were handed the ball with less than a minute to go. They started marching up the field toward our endzone. Our defence, that had been consistent all day, seem strained by the rallying Demon’s. The tension was palpable on the Immortals side line; this was do or die. Every sinew of our heart, mind and soul had been sown into the fabric of each game we played. We wore this cape into every battle as a memory of how far we had come. From relegation to top of the league had required a ferocious desire to win. We still had that desire as the Demons made it well into field goal range… We finally curbed their advances, but this time it was too late. The Demons were only 15 yards from the uprights. All they needed was a field goal to secure the win. We had failed Mother Harlington. But she did not fail us. At the moment the field goal was going to be taken Mother Harlington struck the field with great vengeance and furious anger. A hailstorm made it impossible to make the kick, and the game ticked over into sudden death overtime.

After Mother Harlington smiled down on us, we protected her yet again and came away with the win. 6-3, the Demon’s managed to get a field goal but we scored a touchdown. We are now off to the Southern Division 1 Semi-finals against the Cardiff Cobras. #BecomeImmortal #SnakeHunting #TopOfTheLeague