This year’s Spring All-Nighter will take place on Tuesday the 21st of March at 6pm, ending at approximately 7.45am the next day. For those who are inexplicably out of the loop with this beloved Imperial College tradition: it’s a whole night of films, shown back to back, on a screen 8 meters wide, for a tenner. Oh, you want unlimited hot-dogs too? We got you.

18:00 The Lego Batman Movie “I’m Batman.” If you liked The Lego Movie, you’ll love The Lego Batman Movie. Because it has more Batman in it. Lego is great and Batman is great. Batman.

20:20 Hidden Figures You think being a girl at Imperial is hard? Try being a woman in the sixties. And black. In America. At a male-dominated tech company. Hidden Figures is the true story of three women, all brilliant mathematicians, who made significant contributions to the NASA missions that put people into space, but had to fight tooth and nail to get the recognition they deserved. Equal parts frustrating and uplifting, it’s a film that reminds us how far we’ve come – and how far we still have to go.

23:05 T2 Trainspotting Choose Life. Choose Imperial Cinema. Choose the All-Nighter. Because it’ll include the much-anticipated sequel to the 90s cult classic based on Irvine Welsh’s novel. Can you think of a better way to spend two hours than in the company of a bunch of potty-mouthed, backstabbing, violent, (ex-)drug addicts with a lot of history to sort out? Ah cannae.

01:15 Moonlight Barry Jenkins’ Best Picture-winning film is the story of Chiron, who grows up on a housing estate surrounded by poverty and violence. The story is told in a triptych of life-defining events from the perspective of child, adolescent, and young man, each portrayed by different actors. It’s full of sadness but simultaneously deeply moving in its exploration of themes such as identity and love. Expect this to become a modern classic!

03:20 Fences Adapted from the award-winning play by August Wilson for the screen, and starring none other than Denzel Washington and the ever-fabulous, now Academy-Award-winning Viola Davies. Washington plays a man whose dreams of a baseball career were thwarted by the American Leagues not accepting black players in the 1940s – a complex of bitterness and regret that eats away at his relationship to his wife and his son, until he reaches a breaking point.

05:50 Sing A star-studded (although you can’t see it, because animation, duh) feel-good film about a koala bear who puts on a singing competition to save his theatre, and finds his hands full of crazy and crazily talented contestants! Listen out for voices of A-listers such as Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson.

The All-Nighter takes place in the Union Concert Hall, 2nd floor of the Union Building, Beit Quad. Tickets are £10 online (until 4pm on the day) and £12 on the door. If you don’t fancy staying all night, tickets for individual films can be purchased at £3 each on the door. An additional £5 buys you all-night, all-you-can-eat hot food and drinks.