Next week, for the third year in a row, all dancers at Imperial are going to come together and show that it is not wise to underestimate the motor skills of scientists and that it’s time to start thinking about taking dance classes to become just as light-footed as DI’s performers! DI is presenting the Dance Imperial Show 2017, a joint venture between the six different dance societies at Imperial – spicing up the night by supporting four exciting collaborations between the wide range of dance styles Imperial has on offer. Expect to see some interesting new creations resulting from innovative fusions, exploring the similarities but also the differences between the various styles.

For those of you not versed in dance styles, here is a quick overview of everything that Imperial’s dancers have officially embraced: there is traditional belly dancing, as well as a more experimental tribal fusion belly dancing. Hip-hop, breakdancing, pole, aerial, ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap are also represented, with weekly classes and rehearsals taking place for each style. If you prefer a partner, you can sign up for International Ballroom, as well as Latin, Salsa, Bachata, or even Swing and Rock n’ Roll! There is so much to choose from, it is hard to remind yourself that you’re not actually, regrettably, studying dance.

The Dance Imperial Committee has worked hard to create and support a collaborative atmosphere between all the dance societies, starting with a big workshop weekend in November to get the ball rolling for show piece auditions in January and weekly rehearsals from then on. This year’s choreographers have spent hours and hours on their original show pieces, blending together different styles to create something unique and harmonious. Equally, our dancers have been open to stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things, even patiently moving furniture on a weekly basis to keep rehearsing as many times as needed to be able to inspire you with novel dance fusions.

There is a variety of performances to be excited about, with several pieces that have won awards at inter-university dance competitions across the country. Funkology travelled all the way to Edinburgh to show the Northerners how it’s done, while Pole & Aerial were busy in Metric hosting and slaying it at London Pole Varsity 2017. Belly Dance dazzled everyone at their first ever dance competition in Warwick, whereas Dance Club are so used to their medals and trophies that the victories at multiple dance competitions came to no surprise to anyone. Last Sunday, Dance Company returned from the second successful competition this term, and are now getting busy for the DI Show. No breather for ICSM Dance though – they have exciting events coming up this week and performing will be an old hat for them by the time the DI Show comes around!

On top of these exciting pieces, there will be four dances that have been created as performance-only pieces and this will be your exclusive chance to see them all for the last time in one breath-taking show night. Since this is something you do not want to miss, you should get your tickets now, because they are known to sell out fast! Show dates are Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 19th March, venue UCH, 7pm doors for 7.30 start.

To top it off, once the last show has closed, there will be a big social in the Union Bar downstairs, celebrating Imperial’s dance-related successes this year. Everyone is welcome to what promises to be a night filled with great dancing and good moves, so keep an eye out on Facebook for soon-to-be revealed details about this unmissable after party!

If you have read this patiently and are getting excited about the idea of taking dance classes, please join Dance Imperial and don’t hesitate to try out any styles that tickle your fancy. More information about Dance Imperial and the other six affiliate dance societies can be found online. Please also feel free to get in touch with the Dance Imperial Committee under, we are happy to answer any remaining questions.

Right after the show, on Sunday 19th, Dance Imperial is supporting a Zumba Charity event taking place in the Union Dining Hall from 4-5pm. What better way to de-stress after an intensive week of performing by letting loose in a fun, energetic Zumba class! Knowing that all the proceeds go to charity will help you give it your all and get all the tension out. Everyone is welcome!