Well we honestly tried – you know, taking a break from the doom and gloom. With the end of 2016, we were eager to turn over a new leaf, start anew with starry eyes full of hope for the future. But since Trump’s inauguration last Friday, it’s just been an onslaught of bad news, dumb news, and outright ridiculous news.

Since Friday, the Donald has broken Obamacare, has withdrawn from the Transpacific Partnership, has reintroduced the Mexico City Policy which effectively strips federal financial support from any NGO lobbying for reproductive rights, revived the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, ordered the construction of a Mexico wall, allowed six journalist to be charged with felony for covering the anti-trump protests from last week, frozen science grants from the Environmental Protection Agency, and removed any mention of the LGBT movement from the government’s website.

Also jumping on the bandwagon, every >>insert descriptive term of choice Meanwhile the Brexit saga is dragging on and on. It’s turned from hard, to soft, to fluffy, to snakeskin. Honesty I just want to know when to pack my bags. Come on people, I got plans to make, flights to book, and a mojito somewhere in a beach-bar with my name on it.

So read on and resist I guess, cause Shia Labeouf is in prison and we need a new glorious leader to create motivational viral hits, urging us to “just DO IT”.