This year, liberation has really taken off as a priority for Imperial College Union. Campus has seen awareness-raising events and celebrations including Black History Month, Disability History Month, Interfaith week, and the ongoing LGBT History Month (as shown by the currently-rainbow-hued Queen’s Tower).

Campaigns on everything from gender neutral bathrooms to divestment have been plastered across Felix, dominated meetings, and sparked conversations on what can be done to improve equality and student wellbeing on campus. This is a fantastic first step to giving liberation work on campus the respect it deserves, but it cannot end here; that’s why we need keen students to run for the Liberation and Community Officer positions in this year’s upcoming elections.

All the Liberation and Community Officer positions have similar responsibilities: representing their liberation group in high-level Union meetings, supporting student campaigns and leading lobbying and policy change within the Union and wider Imperial community. The roles open for election are:

• Black & Minority Ethnic Officer • Disabilities Officer • Ethics & Environment Officer • Gender Equality Officer • Interfaith Officer • International Officer • LGBT+ Officer • Mental Health Officer

Nominations close midnight on Sunday, so if you’re keen to help move liberation work forward nominate yourself now!