It’s been a while since I wrote a proper review.

This isn’t a proper review.

Though really, they seldom are.

I’ve listened to this album twice.

Once yesterday while I was working, and once more this morning as I walked through the snow into the Felix office. I think it’s pretty great.

I have neither the time nor the expertise to write a comprehensive piece, so I’ll just relay some of my thoughts and feelings from my journey.

The walk normally takes 35 minutes. This album is 71 minutes long. I was taking it slow today. Honestly I’d never even heard of Car Seat Headrest until recently. Though the name does feel familiar.

I’d hoped that this time I’d be able to pay closer attention to the music, but honestly I was more concerned with trying to stay upright. Making sure I didn’t slip and fall and break my leg and die. I survived.

London is very pretty in the snow. For about 45 seconds. Before it turns to sludge.

It’s not even new. It was recorded back in 2011 on a laptop. Super lo-fi. I didn’t hear it at the time. For whatever reason, they decided to re-record it. I’m glad they did.

My socks are wet.

The album is angsty and fumbling and personal and sweet. It’s also quite funny. I like it when bands are funny.

I thought these boots were waterproof. Apparently not.

Oh look there’s. Rhidian. On the picket line. He looks even colder than I feel. I don’t know how he has the energy to stand there all day every day. Go Rhid.

I really should listen to that 2011 version.

Okay I lied a bit. My walk didn’t really take me 71 minutes. I started the album before I left the house. Before I put my shoes on. Laced them up tight. Today is a bobble hat day. Got to the office with 15 minutes left. No one else was there so I carried on listening.

Sorry, this is hardly a review at all. Though let’s be honest, no one reads these. Except the copy editors. Love you copy editors.

This album feels cosy while all else crumbles around me. I like it a lot. Fred’s in the office now.

It’s good music to soothe an imploding head.

God, I hope the snow melts before I go home.

5 Stars

Artist: Car Seat Headrest. Label: Matador. Top Tracks: Honestly just listen to the whole thing. For Fans Of: LCD Soundsystem; Whitney. 71 minutes