Following a glorious victory of 8-1 over CSM at last year’s bottle match, a fresh rendition of the RSM badminton team was construed with Vimbai returning to take the helm. As the RSM team warmed up, the entrance of the CSM team and their respective warm up procedures struck an unprecedented fear at the hearts of RSM: it would so happen that the ‘true’ CSM badminton team did not venture to London the previous year, and hence the 1-8 loss of CSM was effectively a forfeit, with the CSM lacrosse team the substituted victims. This year, the players put forth by the CSM side were highly skilled and possessed flawless technique (albeit their questionable sportsmanship in playing four men and two women in violation of the stipulated rules of an equal mix, in addition to a few members not even being part of CSM, hailing instead from the foreign departments of English and Media), heavily punishing the weaker abilities of the RSM side. As quickly as the impressions of an easy victory were shattered, they were replaced with the good spirits and sportsmanship of the RSM side, who persevered against the unstoppable force of the CSM team, clutching points where possible. The players had to adapt their game to the significantly higher level faced, with more power required to return the oppositions’ shots, and increased attention to placement as to not allow the opposition to capitalise on weak clears and high drops shots. So intense was the competition, that in the first game, Vimbai’s strings were sacrificed in order for RSM to attain a hard-fought second point. Her backup racket left her at a severe disadvantage for her and Mustafa’s remaining games, but they persisted nonetheless. The other two pairs were constituted of Humzah and Annie, and Haris and Evelyn respectively, who all stepped up their game to the competition and played excellently. Although the trophy was lost, with the final score 9-0 to CSM, all of the players thoroughly enjoyed the experience and a high level of badminton was displayed for both the RSM team to improve and spectators to enjoy; leaving all the more motivation to win it back next year (if CSM bothers to send their actual team).