Since losing to Kingston 1s at the beginning of the season (despite great play), we faced them again last week knowing we had something to prove. The match started off fast-paced with solid play from IC, especially from defensive duo Laila Howe and Filippa Furniss, who fought relentlessly taking interception after interception. This meant at the end of the first quarter we were winning 14-8. It was clear, however, from the start of the second quarter that Kingston were not going to let it be an easy win for us.

With some great shooting from freshers Tilly Cole and Emily Snook we were able to hold on to the lead, but by the end of the third quarter we were only up by five. With an interception early on in the fourth quarter from the opposition we knew we could not afford to make any more mistakes. This was no problem for our other two 1s freshers Aimee Spurling and Anna Seidel who steadied the pace of the game and kept the centre court calm ensuring we did not give away any more turnovers. The final score was 45-43 to IC which only goes to show how much we have improved since the beginning of the season. If you want to see an even more intense and well contested game be sure to look out for us as the headlining event at Varsity! It is the first time in history that Netball are headlining, so please show your support for us next weekend in the fight for gold against the medics.