Students have been reporting excessively high temperatures at Central Library over the past week. Throughout last weekend, and the beginning of this week, students have been reporting excessively high temperatures, despite the new climate control systems that were installed last year.

In a series of tweets at the beginning of this week, Imperial Library apologised for the high temperatures. They said the temperatures were caused by “the final testing of the new climate control system”, and they were “working with contractors and estates to rectify [the temperatures] as soon as possible”.

In a statement, library staff said “these tests are expected to continue until Friday 16th March. Library staff apologise and thank you for your patience during these works.”

Students told Felix the heat over the weekend was excessive: one student told Felix “on Sunday afternoon the heat was almost unbearable”, while another said he was “worried I might have had a fever”.

Levels 4 and 5 of Central Library were closed throughout summer 2017 and the beginning of the last academic year, as redevelopment work was completed. The main aim of the project was to improve the cooling and ventilation systems, with temperature control being one of the largest sources complaints from students. Works will continue across Levels 2 & 3 next summer, with the total cost reported to be £11 million.