LUCA outdoors – take two. Taking place at Lee Valley stadium on 28th April, this was an incredible event for ICXCAC and turned out to be our most successful ever athletics meet, in large part due to the enormous number of athletes that signed up to be part of the action.

The day began with a bang, with Noel Rimensberger winning the very first event – the 400m hurdles. This was then immediately followed by a stellar performance from Alex Mundell, our club captain, who went on to win the women’s 400m hurdles. Imperial also had victories in many other events, including in the 3000m steeple chase for Oliver Newton, the 800m and 1500m for James Millet, and in the javelin and discus for Raul Rinken. On top of these great successes, we saw a strong team performance in the 5000m, with Harry Scriven taking third, and others in the team running excellent races.

“The day began with a bang, with Noel Rimensberger winning the very first event: 400m hurdles”

Another of our most successful athletes of the day was Shaun B Lutu, who took home victories in three different events: the 110m hurdles, the high jump, and the triple jump. As you can tell, he’s pretty good at jumping… One of the surprise successes of the day was Imperial’s strong display in the multi-event (think mini heptathlon), with a 1-2 finish in the men’s event by Noel Rimensberger and Jack Mitchell (me) respectively. The events included were the 100m, shot put, high jump, and 1500m. I can confirm that running a 1500m without specifically training for it is a slightly unpleasant experience, but a rewarding one, especially given that it helped me come away with my first ever medal at an athletics event!

So overall, another amazing athletics meet for ICXCAC. The fact that it was our best performance alongside our biggest ever number of entries just goes to show how important numbers are to our success. Everyone counts, as points are earned based on final position in the field, so the more competitors we have the more points we can pick up! Which is why if you’re considering giving athletics a go and would like a much-needed revision break, you should come along to the third and final LUCA event of the series at Battersea Park on 26th May.

Please contact Max Thorp our athletics captain on or check out our club Facebook page.