Hello from the Games editors,

The Games editors not writing about games? Preposterous! This isn’t the content I expect in my Felix Newspaper! Alright, ease the frothing at the mouth and hear us out, I know it’s a strange concept but we’ve decided that rather than hog the gaming section we should open our inbox to the student public. I know, risky decision on our part, but we’ll make it work … hopefully (inb4 dumpster fire). Deviating from future regrets and bad decisions, we’re here to offer you the grand opportunity to vent your opinions on the latest and greatest games, boardgames or otherwise as well as qualms with the gaming industry. Do you think you have what it takes to write for Felix’s gaming section ? Then read this article to see if the shoe fits, as you may not be cinderella but you may be what we’re looking for in a writer!

What we are looking for in our articles?

Now as good as you may be at writing articles, we’re looking for material that is up to date and covers recent games, gaming news and events: and on the odd ocassion we may demand pictures of Spider-man. Articles can also discuss themes and topics regarding games rather than just games themselves, e.g. “The impact of Atari games on modern day pop culture”, “Has the boss rush genre reached its limit”. Material similar to this is appreciated, but it must come with well reasoned points and evidence. Also under our remit is boardgames, so if there’s an absolutely fantastic recently released board game that you would like to pour your heart out over in written form, then just send it our way. Now what do we mean by recent? Predominately that is within 3 weeks or a suitable timespan that provides it with some relevance (looking at you people who want to review Monopoly and its friendship destroying tendencies!)

What we are looking for in our writers?

Other than degrees in English literature and creative writing from Cambridge, we’re looking for writers who are passionate and are ready to put said passion on paper. Passion being a loose term which translates to “please do not send us an article that is decorated with your fan fic, I don’t care how marketable your shipping skills are, Donald Trump and Putin shipping is forbidden”.

Now we’re no harsh critics to articles and neither are we requesting you send in your article in LaTex format, however we do expect people to have at least read through their article at least once before sending it through. This so we can enjoy something coherent to read and editable without affecting the original content.

What you get out of this?

Just like us, you don’t get paid, but you do have the opportunity to have your name featured as a writer for Felix and also chill with us sometime as we layout and set up your article.

How do you get in touch?

You can contact us through our email - games.felix@imperial.ac.uk . Be warned we can only put so many articles in one Felix issue, so if it doesn’t turn up in the upcoming issue it may turn up in the next.