With a lot of new recruits and some veterans returning for a final season, the team looked entirely different for our rematch against the Falcons.

We were hoping for a much more contested game this time around at our home grounds.

This time around we weren’t suffering from missing minibuses or anything like that and arrived in Harlington with plenty of time for changing, ironing out last-minute game plan adjustments and warming up.

After the usual roster checks and coin-toss formalities we took the field hot during an evenly contested first half.

Unfortunately, a couple of defensive lapses and a failure to score in the red-zone twice, once at the one-yard line, the other with a fumble on a break-out pass, put us behind early at the half.

We got back into the game quickly, thanks in particular to Sebastiano “Super-Glue” Zane who received a 60-yard TD pass in his first ever game.

We then proceeded to pound the two-point conversion in with our favourite play, the Red Raider!

Unfortunately we struggled to keep the momentum up, as the Falcons cranked up the tempo of their offence leaving our two-way players (almost all our squad) gasping for air without the ability to get a second of rest between plays.

Nevertheless, congratulations to our MVPs.

The first Sebastiano was already mentioned previously. Tom “Hello Cheer” Smith displayed his usual passion and love for hard tackles, Killian “Spacehead” Gmyrek in his much-anticipated return at receiver, and Francisco “Sick Pump” Costa for not getting injured so far.

With the second half of the season approaching quickly, we are looking at improving even further and changing the look of the division by re-establishing ourselves as one of the top Britball teams.

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