It’s been a hefty week in music news, after the shock announcement of a reunion from emo-legends My Chemical Romance shortly followed by a similar post from the rap-metallers Rage Against the Machine.

MCR fans were overwhelmed on Halloween after MCR socials posted about ‘Return’, their first show in six years after the group disbanded in 2013. This prompted an outpouring across social media which mainly consisted of has-been emos stating “nothing matters now that MCR are back” while looking distraught in their finest Halloween garms. Tickets for this show sold out in minutes.

The reunion was leaked by none other than Joe Jonas earlier this year, when he claimed the band had been rehearsing in a studio next to him but this was quickly denied by guitarist Frank Iero (not surprised, who wants to be associated with Joe Jonas?). The band posted on Instagram to say thanks for the “happiness we have experienced over the past two days” and that they “truly did not expect this”.

Elsewhere, Rage Against the Machine also announced their reunion quietly on social media with a string a tour dates for next year including a headline slot at Coachella. In the wake of this, the politically charged rap metal band have had to disband their supergroup Prophets of Rage formed alongside members of Cypress Hill and Chuck D. All of this came after guitarist Tom Morello specifically said to not “wait around for Rage Against the Machine – form your own band and get it done”. Huh.

Rage memorably played a massive celebration show in Finsbury Park back in 2010 after a hard-fought campaign to make their song “Killing in the Name” the UK Christmas number one succeeded, pushing the X-factor winner of that year from the top spot.

Turning to ICU’s Rock and Metal society to find out which reunion is more exciting, there seemed to be overwhelming support for Rage returning. Perhaps we’re all looking forward to their take on Trump?