Browsing one of my favourite gaming news websites, Destructoid, I came across a recommendation for this game (currently sold for $1 on Humble Bundle and £3.99 on Steam). The game in question is “Grace Bruxner presents: The Haunted Island a Frog Detective Game”, and despite its long title, the game itself is quite short with a completion time of an hour. I instantly knew I was in for a good time upon discovering that the game’s graphic settings had been replaced with lyrics to ‘Low by Flo Rida’ – of course, being a man of culture, I chose “apple bottom jeans” as my graphics setting.

The menu screen of the game also had me chuckling as I saw on the left an anthropomorphic frog that was clearly high as a kite and on the right a sloth that looked like it was on PCP. To add further to my experience was surprisingly nice jazz piano music playing in the background. Featuring seriously thought out names like Lobster Cop, Mo “Mouse” Mouse, Fresh X (the alligator) and a load of other quirky characters, this game is not to be taken seriously in the slightest. The humour featured is very much dead-pan jokes, delivered alongside a buffet of wholesomeness, making the game that much more adorable.

The adorableness continues with the whole entire basis of the game’s mystery being “there’s a sloth who is hearing a lot of spooky ghost noises around his island” … that’s literally it. Treading on similar lines as Poirot, the low polygon frog detective must endeavour to figure out the mystery. It is my recommendation that you get the game for 77p from the humble bundle deal, Day of the Dev, just so you can experience an hour of chill music, wholesomeness and quirky dead-pan humour.