Having trained hard for 5 weeks, the 30-men strong Immortals squad were up bright and early at 9 am on Sunday for the long coach journey to the home of the Kent Falcons. The Falcons are a big rival to the team, so this was a great chance to set a strong start to the season.

The game started off strong. However, the Falcons were the first to score and go 7-0 up. Despite this, some quick scramble drills from Sebastiano “Fade = Life” Zane brought the team two touchdowns, making the score 14-14 just before the end of the half. The squad was determined to make a strong start to the season -nothing would stop them- so much so that Punter “Who’s Daniel?” Loughran made a solid gain with one of the Falcons’ defensive backs hanging off him. Both sides fought hard for the rest of the half, meaning there was little separating the two with the score being 22-14 at half time.

After the break both the competition were back on as everyone was fighting to seize the final victory.

The Immortals were giving it their all, and it seemed as though there was a chance for a comeback when Killian “Concussion King” Gymrek intercepted the ball and caused disruption to the Kent offensive drive; however, we were unable to capitalize upon this. The team kept going and Offensive Lineman Justino “Seeing is Optional” Rodrigues delivered what some would call a gut punching performance and held the Falcons at bay for a while. However, injuries and fatigue began to fall upon the players and the loss of two thirds of the starting

Defensive Line meant that Kent began to pull ahead and amounted to the Falcons scoring several more touchdowns and a safety.

Although everyone fought hard, the team would like to congratulate the game MVPs for their strong performances. They are as follows: Rookie MVP was Ian “The Screamer” Tsang, Line MVP was Jack “No ACL’s” Benham, Defence MVP was Seif “Jacob 2.0” Girgis, Offence MVP was Ben “Ints Thrown > 0” O’Brien and finally the Overall MVP was Tom “Bad Father” Smith.

The final score came to 42-14 to the Falcons. Despite the score line, the Immortals have a lot to be proud of from this first game of the season and set a very positive and hopeful tone for games to come.

The next Immortals game is against Queen Marys’ Vipers on Sunday the 10th November.