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“Does discrimination dominate in India?” – A Response

Having read Christy Kelly’s article last week asking “Does discrimination dominate in India?”, I couldn’t help but think of the simple answer: yes. In a civilised country like India the treatment of women and “untouchables” is not only completely unacceptable, but also completely unforgivable. However I think it is also ...
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Is feminism a toxic word?

I first remember coming across the word ‘feminism’ when I was about 9, and asking my mum what it meant. “It’s the principle”, she replied, without even glancing up from her newspaper, “that girls and boys should ...
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The Falsity of Hope

Don’t hope. Never hope.   Hope is a last resort, an admission of defeat. You hope when there is nothing left to do, nothing you can do: you can’t act, repair, work, correct or strive anymore, so ...
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The best and the worst of GTA-ing

Almost every memorable moment as a GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant) is both wonderful and terrible. Some are so bad that they’re good in retrospect (though some are just bad), and sometimes being a GTA makes you so happy that you can’t help but love your job. It’s been a rollercoaster first year as a GTA, and I’ve definitely learnt some ...
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So long and thanks for all the Physics

  Six years is a long time to spend in this place. If my Imperial career were a child, it would be preparing for its first year of primary school by ...
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Talking to the Editors

Joe Editor-In-Chief Wow, well it certainly has been a year! I started this job in October, with a small amount of training and the dusty cobwebs of my previous years of section editorship skulking miserably in the corners of my mind. Summer, as I’m sure you all know, is quite potent at clearing the mind of useful memories. I set out to redesign and ...
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Is Feminism a Toxic Word? – Response

I’ve been calling myself a feminist for about 10 years, and I started doing so for a simple reason – I believe women and men should be treated equally. I was not going to pretend not to be something because it might make others around me more comfortable.   Just to be sure, I looked up ‘feminism’ in the Oxford dictionary, “The ...
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“Engage more with the postgraduates…”

On my travels about Imperial and the Union I have occasionally heard that “we should engage better with the postgrads” or a statement of similar sentiment. What a wonderful idea it is, although sometimes limited to just that, with little substance to any plans to reach out to an entirely different student community. That is the root problem per se, ...
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