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Issue 1748
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Film recommendations for quarantine

In these strange and uncertain times, I thought I’d give an update on what I’m doing in quarantine; you might even get a few film recommendations out of it

Portrait Of A Woman On Fire


in Issue 1748

The present is a foreign country; we do things differently here.

When I’m not parodying famous lines I Go-Between sleeping and trying to get An Education from the desk in my Room . Now that we’re not allowed into university in these Modern Times, I’m confined to my House where I spend endless hours trying to get Booksmart for my exams, but often I just end up listening to The Master of my favourite album: I Am by Earth, Wind & Fire. I have spent a lot of Boogie Nights listening to this great EP and I know it’s The Favourite for many others as well; some of The Piano arrangements really do leave me Breathless.

Like many other people in quarantine, I’ve taken to trying new hobbies to pass the time. I’ve joined the Waves of people on Strava and started running! Of course, after running I always take a shower, and Some Like it Hot but I tend to have them cooler. Unfortunately, I think I may have done too much too soon as I now feel a sort of Burning in My Left Foot when I run, so I’ve had to stop.

When I go to the shops now, I’ve noticed the increase in security at the doors; it must be really difficult for Shoplifters to take anything, especially with lines of 12 Angry Men queuing outside the door. I ended up standing there for ages when all I wanted to do was buy some Milk. For my daily exercise I often go in the Moonlight, and I tend to see Faces, Places that I wouldn’t see in the day; the other day I saw a car where The Passenger looked like he was feet tall. Strange.

One of the main things I did this Weekend was my BSc Project; I spent Two days, one night working to try and get it finished in time, and I ended up submitting it just Before Sunrise; or was it Before Sunset, or Before Midnight? I can’t remember now. My friend does geophysics and I’ve been speaking to him on The Social Network that everyone’s using at the moment, Zoom, and she said how she was doing Her BSc project on the rising sea levels in Miami; she’s called it The Florida Project.

I’m beginning to think that this is the Apocalypse Now, as people get more and more agitated in lockdown. The messages from the government can be mixed, and I think something is getting Lost in Translation between some of the officials. I hope we can move swiftly past this virus so that it’s Gone with the Wind. One of the good things about it is people keep saying that nature is healing, the other day I even saw a Lady Bird.

Also, you should really watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire, it’s incredible.

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