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Issue 1754
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in Issue 1754

“Cities are our homes. Cities need their citizens as much as citizens need their cities. The only way forward is together. With over 100 Climathons happening on six continents, thousands of people are taking actions across cultures and countries. As our community of citizens, governments, and businesses grows, we see that local climate action is truly transformative. People like you are giving rise to a wave of change, a wave of creativity, and a wave of hope. Hope that is fiercely rooted in actions.”

This quotation is from the Climathon 2019 Promo Video. Buzz words pump the adrenaline, make me feel excited about this mission. We are taking a global and urgent problem and trying to solve it from the ground up with everyone’s contribution. Yes, everyone plays a part in this, including an undergraduate student living in a foreign country like myself, or a Felix reader like yourself.

I believe in the power of collaboration and providing people with the platform to do so.

In 2019, a couple of undergrad students and I came together and organised two impact-focused Hackathons to encourage students to tackle social issues, fuelled by the belief that Imperial students have the skills to do good in this world. We invited mentors, organised workshops, and supported social ventures for international competitions. Transitioning the knowledge about setting up hackathons into a Climathon was a very welcomed challenge that fit like a glove.

We knew that organising such an event has its challenges: How do we create a way for ideas and projects to continue after the event? How can we ensure diversity so that the climate discussions are not an echo chamber between the same group of people? How can we engage different stakeholders when their priorities were not this during the Covid pandemic? These were the questions we had to address since the preparation started in April.

Seven months later and countless overrun meetings, three main things were in place. Firstly, a strong organising team with passionate students and professionals from Imperial College, Impact Hub, and Terra Institute. Secondly, local problem statements set by local councils and social enterprises who understand the pain the best. These partnerships will enable participants to brainstorm solutions for real problems, with the possibility of continuing the project post-Climathon. Lastly, thanks to Covid, we could cut on catering costs and eliminate the frustration of sorting pizza delivery logistics.

And here we are now, counting down to the event. So… why don’t you join us on the weekend of 13th to the 15th of November? Meet some cool people, solve some problems, and play your part in the climate initiative!

Problem themes: Sustainable Living, Food System, Urban Development, and Supply chain.

Sign up at: https://bit.ly/LC2020tickets

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