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Imperial take on BP Grand Final

Internship on offer for grand winner

Following the Regional Semi-Finals last month, two teams from Imperial College have made it to the BP Ultimate Field Trip Grand Final. The Grand Final will take place in the Royal Institute on 8 May. Imperial teams make up two of the three teams competing to win the prize of a 6-8 week internship in Trinidad and Tobago in the Gulf of Mexico.

The first Imperial team to reach the final is C-Less, which is made up of three third year Mechanical Engineering students: Zie Wearn Chua, Zhi Xiong Chong, and Wern Chia Chang. The other team is Global Intelligence Consulting which is comprised of Dun Xiang Ang, Nicholas Kwok, and Zhen Xiong Lim who are all in their third year of MEng Chemical Engineering.

Global Intelligence Consulting spoke about their win with Felix: “We are very excited to be in the finals! The BP challenge provided a realistic platform for us to put what we had learnt in Chemical Engineering into use and we are really proud that we had gone this far in the competition. We really have to credit our success to the rigours of Chem Eng […] as well as the support provided by our lecturers. The final will be tough as it clashes with final exams, nevertheless we will try our best and do Imperial proud!”

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