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Imperial TEDx talks prove popular online

Babbage brings in the hits

Video footage of March’s TEDxImperialCollege event is now available to view on YouTube, with a talk by programmer John Graham-Cumming about Charles Babbage’s Analytical Machine enjoying over 18,000 views at the time of going to print.



TEDx is a program of local and self-organised events based upon TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) conferences. The Imperial College event, held on 24 March, saw over 700 guests attend an afternoon of talks on a wide manner of topics. One such talk was given by Imperial student Joanis Holzigel, who discussed his involvement with student project e.quinox and efforts to provide electrification in an African village.



On the day itself, the Twitter hashtag #TEDxIC trended on the social networking service in both the United Kingdom and London. 

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