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Lecture podcasting to become reality

Autumn Term will see introduction of new scheme
Panopto provides services for Fortune 500 companies

Plans to record lectures are set to finally come to fruition next academic year. College is set to work with video capture platform Panopto in order to ensure that lectures are made more accessible to students.

The collaboration will result in live lecture streaming, the opportunity to view previous recordings at any time, the ability to view lectures on mobile phones and tablets, and follows suggestions by students listed in Imperial College Union’s response to the 2011 National Student Survey Report.

Panopto was founded in 2007, and was built with technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. The platform now serves several markets and institutions with video capture technology.

This academic year the system was piloted in every faculty with over 1,000 successful recordings made by staff.

Deputy President (Education) Jason Parmar, who also sits on the e-Learning Strategy Committee involved with the plans, said: “it has been fantastic to work with the committee and see resources be dedicated to this innovation in teaching. It will improve educational access to students and improve the student experience here at Imperial so I hope as many lecturers as possible will take advantage of it.”

The beginning of Autumn Term 2012 will see an anticipated gradual introduction of the scheme, though implementing the video capture is entirely at the discretion of lecturers.

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Comments (9 comments)

Jason Parmar

Tuesday May 29 2012 00:27

You clearly don't know me if you think I commented about myself on this!
....that or you know me really well and are trolling me.

Damn anonymous comments!

Colvin - sort it out.


Saturday May 26 2012 13:29

Excellent, I've been wanting this.

This is the reason why

Monday May 28 2012 14:18

Jason Parmar has been the best sabbatical this Union has ever had. That and he is the few that actually care about the people he represents and is not another bureaucrat/ CV whore.

1st year student

Monday May 28 2012 14:28

It's surprised me that Imperial, which I believed to be a world leader in technological pioneering, has been so slow to catch onto this basic technology.


Monday May 28 2012 16:26

Thanks for the comment, Jason.


Monday May 28 2012 18:51

We all believed Imperial to be a world leader until we actually got here.


Monday May 28 2012 19:00

Finally, great job guys/Jason...


Friday June 01 2012 00:15

so many people already dont go to lectures, especially morning lectures, poor lecturers will be lonely


Wednesday June 06 2012 16:40

Excellent news! Now if I can do labs and sit exams at home too, I'm all set.

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