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Friday June 20, 2014 • Philippa M Skett

Does watching violence on TV make men more violent?

New research has shown that men watching more violence on television could result in stunted in brain development, and the inability to control impulsive behaviours, including aggression.

Friday June 20, 2014 • Fiona Hartley

Does sitting down on sofas give you cancer?

People who spend more time sitting are more at risk of getting cancer than people who don’t, a new study reveals.

Friday June 20, 2014 • Jack Peacock

Drugs Without the Hot Air: I Knew Nothing About Drugs Until I Read This Book

Guess which substance killed Amy Winehouse? Have a stab in the dark.

Friday June 13, 2014 • Philippa M Skett

Making light of the matter

Philippa Skett talks to the researchers behind turning light into electrons

Friday June 13, 2014 • Mimi Li

London pollution linked to heart complications

Mimi Li on the dangers of living in a polluted city.

Friday May 23, 2014 • Matilda Hay

Alien DNA: when six bases are better than four

Are six bases better than four? Scientists at The Scripps Institute Florida, can boast that they have changed the secret of life; they have invented an extension to our DNA.

Friday May 23, 2014 • Philippa M Skett

A cast-iron case for climate sceptics

Philippa Skett on the ice caps leaking iron into the ocean

Friday May 16, 2014 • Philippa M Skett

Wait... are people actually starting to enjoy science?

Philippa Skett reviews Imperial Festival and the wider public engagement movement


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