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Issue 1751
The student newspaper of Imperial College London

Keep the Cat Free

Keep the Cat at all costs


in Issue 1751

The paper is in a difficult situation. For those that have been struggling to access Felix like they would have I can only apologise. We have tried to get a website off the ground and ready but there are still teething problems. Unfortunately, ironically if many people do get to read this, it will be on the ready and completed website, rendering the article void of meaning. However, I believe that it is important that we, as a newspaper with aspirations to represent the student voice, and I, as the newspaper’s representative, speak honestly to you. We are finding this year difficult. With our writers and editors mainly working from home, we are in some ways a shadow of our former self. However, simultaneously, we have produced in the last two weeks what I would say are some of the best papers I have ever seen put out by Felix. Thank you writers and editors of Felix. We shall perservere.

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