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Issue 1752 (PDF)
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The new Felix website is ready and beautiful


in Issue 1752

An editorial is where the editor may abandon objectivity and revel in opinions pure and simple. The new Felix website has launched and I would be remis not to tell all readers that it is a beauty. Felix has long had issues with its website. We have stumbled from one interim home to another, a sofa surfer of the internet and have always then had to move on. Finally, Felix has a home that will last it long into the future. It is a lovely website. I fell like a tiger parent who after taking their child to endless early morning squash practices has just watched lovely Agatha beat the kid from down the street in straight sets. Bliss. 

My thanks this week must be divided in three. Going from strength to strength the science section have built a team of writers over one hundred strong and are putting out beautiful pages week after week. Another honourable mention goes to Isabelle Zhang. She is the heart of this newspaper and keeps us all honest. But top thanks go to the copyeditors this week. Often behind the scenes they make the paper get out on time. Thank you 

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