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Issue 1752
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Is it a wine or a small child? Take our quiz now!

Ever walked into an Oddbins and wandered off witha new son? Not sure? Take our quiz now to find out!


in Issue 1752

Child Photo
Ok we're like 80% sure that this is a child

1. Wine or Child: “This fruity, full-bodied Chilean will keep you on your toes. Pairs well with chicken or other children.” 

2. Wine or Child: “Lingers wistfully on the tongue before leaving a bitter aftertaste. Has a stupid French name and stains carpet when dropped.” 

3. Wine or Child: “A great conversation starter, and helps with cooking. Might just save your marriage!” 

4. Wine or Child: “This fucking thing caused my divorce.” 

5. Wine or Child: “Spritely, bright, and full of youth. This 2014 Californian is blonde, dense, and called Chardonnay.” 

6. Wine or Child: “Charming and cheerful. Will be the highlight of your day when you return from a long slog at the office.” 

7. Wine or Child: “This stunning pair of fine South Africans comes from the Western Cape. Taking a hands-off approach, they’re fermented naturally resulting in a smooth eperience” 

8. Wine or Child: “Offered at high class parties by Royal appointment.” 

Please send your answers on a postcard to The Editor, Felix Office, Beit Quadrangle, SW7 2BB for the chance to win what we think is a bottle of wine. 

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