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Issue 1754
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Passing the Aux to Gabriela Zibikowska

Jamie XX - Loud Places


in Issue 1754

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Gabi - 3rd year medicine, Bobby - tree with swag

When did you first hear this song?

I was at my first festival and Jamie XX was headlining. There was a couple making out in front of me, one pushed me, apologised, and offered to take me on his back for the next song. We were close to the stage and there was a light drizzle which only added to the insane visuals of rainbow led lights.

How old were you when you first heard this song?


In a sentence, describe the song

Pure happiness, it switches off everything else

Is there a specific lyric you connect with?

“I go to loud places to search for someone to be quiet with”

What initially drew you to the song?

The lyrics were very relevant to a reconnection happening in my life at the time.

Is there a killer moment?

3:05 – after the second chorus, when many elements are stripped back, and the song becomes less crowded

Is there another sense you associate strongly with this song?

Rain, soft rain, like a drizzle

How often do you listen to this song?

Nearly every day, I do take breaks, but I listen to it especially during the summer

Do certain situations give you the urge to listen to this song?

I have moments when I have the urge to be by myself, to take a moment outside. I try to only ever listen to it when I’m already happy/not sad, it’s the perfect thing to accompany cherishing a moment.

Are there specific activities you do to this song?

I drive a lot of people around. This is a perfect song for driving someone home from a party.

Is this song one that you share with other people?

To me this song is about capturing the best moments, when I share this song it means that I want to save a very positive memory. Listening to it now reminds me of my “collection of moments”.

Final comments?

If someone knows Jamie XX’s phone number could you hit me up pls

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