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Issue 1755 (PDF)
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A selection of the biggest streamers (and their Twitch followings)


in Issue 1755


16.1 million followers

I deleted Fortnite long before it turned into the childish, indistinguishable mess that it is today. However, Ninja is a big name in the streaming realm. His popularity shot to new heights with his exceptional skill and awareness of Fortnite, and at one point broke a Twitch record for the largest live audience of 635,000 according to Polygon. 


4.5 million followers

An exceptional FPS (first person shooter) expert, NickMercs’s career started with Gears of War, transitioned to Fortnite and currently streams Warzone games with his comedic teammate TimTheTatman. His streams often include challenges such as “Protect the President” although rarely do his videos leave those watching unentertained.


6.3 million followers

Often when one is asked “name a female ‘streamer’”, the names that appear are Mia Khalifa and Belle Delphine, noting that for the latter, it is recommended not to watch her content. Pokimane is a prominent female streamer who recently transitioned to the game ‘Among Us’ in a quest to further her streaming career. It was a surprise to read that 84% of her viewers are male. 

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