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Issue 1757
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Blyth Centre 2020 Art Awards

Felix arts continues its feature of the winners of this years Blyth Art Fellowship and Blyth Art Award, and their artwork.


in Issue 1757

2020 Blyth Centre Art Award Winner

Blyth Art Fellowship

1. Photographer Louie Hext (Physics UG) 2. Artist Cleo Zhang (Life Sciences UG)

Blyth Art Award

1. Artist Freddie Hong (Engineering Research PG)
2. Painter Grace Zhang (Earth Science & Engineering UG)
3. Photographer George Dixon Dray (Mechanical Engineering UG)
4. Painter Santhosh Thavarajasingam (Medicine UG)

This week we feature Art work by Louie Hext (Physics UG) - winner of the 2020 Blyth Art Fellowship.

Blyth 2 Louie Hext
Untitled, from the Second Hand Portraits series, 2019, Analogue photography, 35mm film negative - By Louie Hext

This is a piece I produced while taking some test images for a series called “second-hand portraits”. The series will involve taking portraits of photographers while they work using or through secondary surfaces. This is one of the main projects the Blyth fellowship will be helping me with. Unfortunately, photographing others isn’t really possible right now so I’ve been focusing on self-portraits instead. I initially heard about the fellowship through the Blyth Gallery mailing list and applied on a whim as I hadn’t really shared my work in a “fine-art” setting before and so, getting the fellowship and having the external validation gave me a lot more confidence in my projects.
I haven’t had any of the mentoring sessions yet but I’ve looked at the artists’ work and I think they’re going to be incredibly useful as they’re tailored to your medium. The art supply funding has been particularly useful as analogue photography tends to get expensive.

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