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Issue 1757
The student newspaper of Imperial College London

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The Duality - Student Artwork Feature

Felix Art presents its weekly column featuring student artwork. This week we have an oil on canvas painting 'The duality' by Esma Uzar of the Department of Aeronautics


in Issue 1757

Feature Artwork The Duality
The Duality, 2020, Oil on canvas, 50x70cm - By Esma Uzar

Looking through to what’s inside I see something made of love flowing like water through memories drifting like clouds, and on the outside I recognize a face with two halves always seeking agreement with one another but never truly blending together. There stands the mind with all it’s logical endeavours to make sense of reality, cold and rigid like ice caps, and on the other side grows love and life, where we are born and thrive, like a tree branching out to look for others, other souls that feel like they’re left behind.

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