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Issue 1757 (PDF)
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Market summary 27th November

A summary of movements in the market and by business by investment writer Riccardo Pierre


in Issue 1757

1. Tesla’s share soared again to an all-time peak amid the global momentum built after Biden’s victory.
2. Iran resorts to its strictest lockdown yet to stem Covid-19.

3. The Federal Aviation Authority has finally cleared Boeing’s 737 Max to fly again after a 20-month grounding spurred by two deadly crashes.

4. Tesla made headlines this week upon the announcement it will be joining the highly-coveted S&P
500 list.

5. The boom in China’s meat imports may be running out of steam. The country’s voracious appetite
for imported protein is waning.

6. The South African rand and many other emerging market currencies have strengthened on the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy easing and China’s economic recovery, but any further gains are likely to be limited.

7. The number of applications for unemployment benefits rose sharply last week, indicating continued challenges for the U.S. economy.

8. Amazon Pharmacy was launched. 

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