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Issue 1757
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Keep the Cat Free

Felix Cryptic crossword No.9

27th November cryptic crossword by Serendip


in Issue 1757




1 Just to begin with, the writer’s puzzles are a habit for those retiring? (7)

7 Pussy-cat bites one providing force (7)

9 Left inside, British summer is one to take the piss? (7)

10 Ben 10 back in books after criminal droogs cut by publisher (6,7)

12 Mob-betraying git thrown out of local (6)

14 One in conversation learned of cooler time (3,3)

16 It may be Caesar threatening small to medium damage? (13)

19 Defeated boxer with swing (7)

20 He’s got a complicated life in captivity (7)

21 Whistle-blower’s void resume ironclad until now (7)


2 Inuit digs up letters from high-school girlfriend (5)

3 Jaw-dropping finale leaves one dead beat (5)

4 Recorder finally plays flat note (6)

5 Mathematician's story about cocaine/ecstasy let slip (9)

6 Boring recipes I struggle with are primarily from Mediterranean coastline (7)

8 Foundation display at e.g. Boots (8)

10 Wound stung him? She repairs arms! (8)

11 Official manuscript returned by ally in Gulf state (9)

13 More than one third of Athens do steal (2,5)

15 Nobody is casually chipper without a penny (6)

17 Follow house guests inside (5)

18 Ignoring the odds, real couples may have to do this? (5)

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