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Issue 1758
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Three cosy trends for a fashionable lockdown

Fashion writer Anisia Talianu states her favourite looks to stay fashionable this lockdown


in Issue 1758

With everything that has been going on this year, the fashion industry has been one to suffer. Due to cancelled cocktail parties, brunches, rooftop dinners, and all the other events that people buy new outfits for. Overall, there has been a shift in the latest trends from high-fashion-like apparel to comfortable loungewear that most brands have adopted. And who can blame them? Why buy fancy clothes when there is no place to wear them? And just like that, thigh-high boots have turned into fuzzy slides, miniskirts and leather trousers turned into sweatpants, and tight tops and bralettes turned into oversized sweaters. As heart-breaking as that sounds for fashion lovers such as myself, there is still hope. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fashion enthusiast and you know just as much as I do that you need to look good to feel good and dress for success, even in lockdown. It’s not about how you look in people’s eyes, but how you feel in your clothes. But fashion lovers, have no fear, because this week I am delivering the ultimate lounge-wear guide for the most glamourous looks in lockdown.   

1. Velour

If you’ve missed Kim K and Paris Hilton’s 2000’s velour era… well it’s coming back. There’s nothing that feels softer and more comfortable than a velour tracksuit. And you’re in luck because the one and only Kim Kardashian has just launched her velour line for her brand SKIMS featuring her old-time BFF Paris Hilton. Kim is serving the perfect elevated sweatsuit look giving us glamourous Desperate Housewives vibes and we are living for it. And of course, let’s not forget about the ultimate velour tracksuit provider - Juicy Couture. The Californian fashion label has had our backs since 1997 when it comes to velour with their signature ‘JUICY’ diamond writing right where we want it.

2. Silk

Silk has always rhymed with royalty. If you’re going for the romantic Parisian look, then silk is what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a dress, a pyjama set, or a cheeky robe, silk is the classic element that will wrap you in elegance and style. Influencer Sharaye Thomas (@sharayethomas on Ig) looks absolutely fabulous in her River Island black feather cuff silk pyjama. Alicia Roddy (@lissyroddy on Ig) is wearing a luxurious white satin pyjama set while drinking her morning coffee and getting ready conquer the world with just a little more glam.

3. Co-ords

If street-style is more your thing, then co-ords are what you’re looking for. Virtually all of the most known streetwear brands are creating the widest range of tracksuit co-ords for every style. A matching two-piece outfit will make you feel like you’ve got your life together. Influencer Alicia Roddy (@lissyroddy on Ig) looks flawless yet again in her Adidas tracksuit co-ord from JD Sports. And good news! Boohoo has just launched its collaboration with model and influencer Sarah Snyder (@Sarahfuckingsnyder on Ig) and all I can say is – it was about time! I’ve been following Sarah on Instagram for a long time and she is an absolute goddess for matching items and co-ords, and her Boohoo collab offers high-fashion looks at an affordable price, and let me just say – there is a lot to choose from.      

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