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Issue 1758
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The Best... Movie Night Doubles

Film editor Oliver Weir gives you the best double bills for your next pandemic movie night. [Posters merged by Elizabeth Ferial]


in Issue 1758

High And Low Parasite Merge Copy Photo: CJ Entertainment

High and Low & Parasite  

Kurosawa’s fantastic crime drama, together with possibly the greatest movie of the 21st century, will provide thrills as well as a cutting exploration of class dynamics and retribution

Aguirre Apocalypse Now Merge Photo: United Artists

Aguirre, The Wrath of God &  Apocalypse Now (Theatrical Release)  

Both maintain a beauty beyond description as they descend into the depths of hell. 

Screenshot 2021 01 21 At 0906 42 Photo: Universal Pictures/Paramount Pictures

The Wages of Fear & Sorcerer

Although Sorcerer is a remake of the timeless original, it more than stands on its own; its tone is savage and gritty, with a message that hits like a sucker punch. Both Wages and Sorcerer will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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