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Issue 1760
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“Felix Science Explained” Launching This Week

The Felix Science section launch their new series of pop science articles and videos, answering some of science's biggest questions

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in Issue 1760

This week, the Felix Science editors are very pleased to announce the launch of a new series of videos and articles, called “Felix Science Explained”. As well as our usual news pieces, we will be posting regular videos and complementary articles on some of the biggest questions in science.

This week, for the series launch, Ioana Eșanu and Liyang Zhao have produced a brilliant article and video tackling a question that’s on everyone’s mind at the moment: how will a vaccine stop coronavirus? I strongly recommend you check out their fantastic work. Over the coming months, you can also expect to see us covering questions like:

-      Where does a black hole lead?

-      How much renewable energy can the UK actually produce?

-      How does CRISPR technology work?

We are really proud to be expanding our science communication platform to include digital media. The past year has been hugely important for science communicators, and we want to be able to reach as many people as possible, in new and exciting ways. We hope you enjoy our new series – do get in contact with us if there’s a science question you’d like answered, or if you’d like to produce an article and/or video for the series yourself!

To contact the Felix Science editorial team, please email us at: science.felix@imperial.ac.uk

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