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Issue 1767
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Active Travel Grant expanded to postgraduate students

News writer Salina Nicoleau reports on the expansion of the Imperial Active Travel Grant

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in Issue 1767

As part of their initiative to make active commuting more accessible and enjoyable, Move Imperial has recently announced the expansion of its Active Travel Grant, previously limited to staff, to postgraduate students. Under the Cycle to Work scheme, those who need to travel to campus during lockdown can now apply for a grant of up to £75 to purchase bike equipment. Alternatively, students can access the “Try Before You Bike” scheme, implemented by Peddle My Wheels, which enables one to try a bike for a small fee for 2 months. Postgraduate students who are required to work on campus at the moment can also apply for further funding from Move Imperial, who will pay for the first two months of the scheme, or up to £80.  

 For those who are new to or simply insecure about cycling in London, Move Imperial has posted a 3-part video series on how to get started with active travel and the best routes to take around the city. The series contain some very useful tips and can be found on the College website. 

 Hopefully this will encourage more students to incorporate some cycling in their commute. If you are not travelling to campus at the moment but still wants to stay fit at home, Move Imperial has launched its MoveFromHome programme, which incorporates live workouts on Instagram on most weekdays, virtual one-to-one personal training sessions over Teams and other resources to keep you healthy during this lockdown period.  

 So if you are reading this article, remember to break that sitting time and get some movement in -both your body and mind will thank you for it! 

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