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Issue 1774
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Be More Chill

This sci-fi musical is a mixed bag but will leave you laughing!

Photo: Dee McCourt (Borkowski Arts)


in Issue 1774


Be More Chill

★ ★ ★
Shaftesbury Theatre
Until 5th September 2021
From £22

At the surface, Be More Chill is another musical about high school. However, after the first thirty minutes, the narrative takes an unexpected turn and touches on some deeper messages. The story revolves around a self-proclaimed ‘loser’, Jeremy, as he navigates high school — failing at every turn. That is until he finds a magical quantum-nano-technological method to become the popular kid at school! Of course he takes it, but at what cost?

Photo: Dee McCourt (Borkowski Arts)
Be More Chill Stewart Clarke (The Squip), Scott Folan (Jeremy Heere), and Eloise Davies (Brooke Lohst)

Our protagonist is a lanky, nerdy, and anxious teen; brilliantly cast as Scott Folan who takes on the role of Jeremy. Unfortunately, Folan did not always have the space to show off his talents as the role did not allow it. What he did do, he did well, but other smaller characters were given more space to shine. Christine Canigula–a hysterically funny, quirky, theatre geek–is embodied beautifully by Miracle Chance. Her ability to steal a scene from the background, foreground (or even whilst riding a mobility scooter) is incredible! Even in her deeper scenes, the moment she switched into “funny” mode, the audience was in fits. With impeccable vocals and a unique ability to bring in the laughs, Chance is certainly one to watch.

Although not the main star, Renée Lamb’s performance of “Rich Set a Fire” really allowed her to shine. A veteran of girl-bands during her stint as the original Aragon in Six, the Destiny’s child vibes were definitely there and she brought the Beyoncé. Her performance was the highlight of the second half and after her departure the remainder of the production failed to live up to her energy.

Photo: Dee McCourt (Borkowski Arts)
Miracle Chance (Christine Canigula), and Scott Folan (Jeremy Heere)

The costumes were very colorful, quirky and resembled things Ashley Tisdale might have worn for the MTV video music awards in 2003. The set was really effective at giving a cartoon sci-fi feel to the stage but at times it was left a little bare.  All in all, the cast of Be More Chill is a powerhouse of talent and the story is unique and fun; in the post-Covid theatre landscape what more could you want from a feel good musical?

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