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Music of the Week (04/02/2022)

Album of the week, single of the week and today in music history


in Issue 1791

The Overload Photo: Island Records

Album of the Week:

The Overload by Yard Act 

Leeds-based post punk outfit Yard Act have broken into the mainstream with their debut album The Overload. After a tense chart race involving everything from summoning circles to celebrity endorsement the album ended up at number 2, narrowly missing out on the top spot.

Lynks - Silly Boy Photo: https://lynkslynkslynks.bandcamp.com/track/silly-boy

Single of the week:

"Silly Boy" by Lynks

Lynks revealed “I wrote ‘Silly Boy’ when I was really fucking pissed off with one very specific man... he represented every entitled, space-absorbing, toxic straight man I had ever met.” The anger that the track is built on attacks this toxic masculinity – “the kind of man who snaps his fingers at bartenders ... with the toxic confidence that comes from never being told that his point of view might not be valid”, Lynks said. The track kills this toxic confidence flips it on its head, and just for good measure stamps it into the ground to end it for good.

Prince purple rain Photo: Warner bros.

Today in Music History

Imagine, it’s 2007, you’re in Florida at the Superbowl and it's tipping it down. What possibly could make the day better? Prince performing ‘Purple Rain’ in the rain should obviously be your answer to that question. Along with covers of Queen, Bob Dylan and more, Prince took his place in Superbowl history 15 years ago today.

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