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Music of the Week (11/02/2022)

Felix's pick of upcoming gigs, single of the week and today in music history


in Issue 1792

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Don't miss the gig - One night at the pembroke @ 19:00 17th Feb

Headlined by Quadronaut, Bakburner, and Monkeys in Living Form Society, Live Music Society is taking their show outside the hallowed halls of the Union. Catch them at the Pembroke for a night of live music and (discounted) drinks.


Single of the week: Kissing Lessons by Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus is back just in time for Valentine’s Day with ‘Kissing Lessons’. The new single tells a story of practising for a first kiss with her best friend, with Dacus wondering if her friend also thinks of it as a proper first kiss. Accompanied by crunchy guitars and punchy drums, Dacus provides a soundtrack for the lovers and the lonely to stream on February 14th.


Today in music history

58 years ago today, Beatlemania hit American shores as the band played their first US show in Washington DC. In front of adoring crowds (who did, lovingly, pelt them with jellybeans), they played hits like ‘She Loves You’ and ‘Twist and Shout’. With a 15-year- old Al Gore in attendance and an unwilling haircut for Ringo at the British Embassy the next day, the trip was filled with surprises.

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