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Issue 1841 (PDF)
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in Issue 1841

What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is the termly student-run arts magazine of Imperial College London. As a sister publication to the student newspaper Felix, it is a revival of the original publication started in 1904, descending from the college journal founded by H.G. Wells in 1887. Anyone affiliated with the university is able to submit literary or visual entries. 

The magazine aims to provide a platform for the arts and the sciences to coexist and is dedicated to highlighting the scope—short essays, opinion, perspective, fiction, poetry, music, visual art, and photography—of art and thought in the form of creative expression at the College. 

Please submit to the magazine using the link below. 


Submission guidelines 

We accept pieces of prose, poetry, photography, or visual media from all staff, students, and alumni of Imperial College London. 

Prose is ideally under 5,000 words and is well-written and evocative. Stand-alone works of fiction, and works of non-fiction, such as essays and critical works, are welcome. 

Poems have can variable maximum line length but must not be double spread or use unorthodox layouts. Poems under 40 lines are recommended, and otherwise decided on case-by-case basis. 

Photography and visual art dimensions are still undecided but should be able to fit onto an A4 page, and must not extend across the page. 

Submissions are currently open till 20 February and are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Our next issue is the Spring Issue / Phoenix x+02. No theme is associated with this issue, although we appreciate submissions that extend or unconventionally work with the boundaries of art or form. 

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