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Imperial first team to qualify for University Challenge semi-finals

Lee, Jones, Haddad, and Debnath pulled away from Manchester after an early scare to reach the semi-finals of the competition.

Flx Uc Challenge Photo: BBC


in Issue 1843

Last week Imperial became the first team this year to qualify for the semi-finals of University Challenge, after securing their second quarter-final victory. Lee, Jones, Haddad, and Debnath beat Manchester 205-120.

“Imperial, to get 205 at this stage of the competition against an incredibly impressive team is phenomenal,” said host Amol Rajan.

Teams must win two out of a maximum of three quarter-final games to qualify for the next round.

Imperial trailed Manchester for most of the game, but pulled ahead 19 minutes into the half-hour broadcast, clinching a starter question on  ags, before correctly answering three bonus questions on pragmatic sanctions in European history.

The team never looked back from there, putting in a sublime performance to win the game.

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