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Holi: a colourful festival for all

HinduSoc’s Holi brought color to London during a grey day

Flx Holi Guys Photo: Charlotte Probstel

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in Issue 1846

HinduSoc’s annual Holi celebration kicked off on Wednesday at 12:30 in the vibrant setting of Prince’s Gardens, ushering in the festival of colors and the spirit of spring. Participants, both members and guests alike, were immediately greeted with complimentary white t-shirts printed with the event’s logo and ‘Holi ‘24’. They were then handed cups filled with an array of colored powders - blue, pink, yellow, and green. With laughter and excitement in the air, the garden quickly transformed into a canvas of hues. 

When asked about the significance of Holi, attendees echoed “color,” “spring,” “togetherness,” and “friends and family,” encapsulating the essence of this joyous festival. One attendee, hailing from India, reminisced about the festive atmosphere back home, where the streets would come alive with celebrations. For some, it was their first experience of Holi; one HinduSoc member even brought her friends along, all of whom revelled in the festivities. 

Creativity knew no bounds as participants indulged in playful exchanges of colored powder, bedecking each other’s faces with thick streaks and turning white t-shirts into three-dimensional canvases. Occasionally, the pair of students would rush past you in a serious game of tag. 

The event was impeccably organized, with the designated free-for-all area marked by red tape, a boundary respected by all attendees. Chaiiwala, a frequent sponsor of HinduSoc, kept spirits high with steaming cups of chai as refreshments throughout the festival. This was complemented by delectable offerings of pumpkin cake and vegetarian biriyani for only £2 at the stand, courtesy of the non-profit foundation Akshaya Patra, ensuring that no one was left hungry among the crowd of 200 attendees. 

With tickets priced at a modest £8, the event offered an enriching experience to all students at Imperial College London. A heartfelt thanks to Rishi, the President of HinduSoc, for extending the invitation to Felix, enabling coverage and participation in this memorable occasion.

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