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Section Editor: Eva Borras Paredes and Jonah Hewett

The film section covers new film releases, classic film recommendations and industry trends

A Valentine's Day Trio: Richard Linklater's 'Before' series

Are you in the mood for love, but find yourself stuck in lockdown this Valentine's day? Film contributor Eva Borras has just the romantic trilogy for you—Richard Linklater's magnum opus: the 'Before' trilogy. Throughout each film Linklater explores the nuances of love and heartbreak through Jesse and Celine's relationship, which is wrapped up in the passion of an early romance and the heart-rending unpredictability of circumstance.

The Act Of Killing

Classic Film of the Week: The Act of Killing

Film Editor Oliver Weir discusses the modern classic 'The Act of Killing' about the perpetrators of the 1965/66 Indonesian massacres which took the lives of over 1,000,000 communists, farmers, union members, intellectuals, and ethnic Chinese. Director Joshua Oppenheimer asks the perpetrators to recreate the heinous acts that they committed in an attempt to unearth their motivations. They are more than happy to do this and see it as an opportunity to commit to film a history they are proud of.

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